Savary Island

Considered to be ecologically unique, Savary Island is like no other island along the west coast of BC. From east to west the island is 6 miles long and though it is only about half a mile wide from north to south, the geographical difference between the two sides of the island is incredible.

On the south side, a dry climate nurtures unique plants and animals that are indicative of the

coastal dune ecology on the island. The coastal sand dunes tower above the soft, sandy white beaches and it’s not unusual for people to comment on the “Mediterranean feel” that the environment and climate has. The south side also has hundreds of massive boulders left behind by the ancient glaciers. This morraine provides wonderful habitat for all kinds of wildlife both above and below the water. Above the water one will often find Harbour Seals and Bald Eagles sunning on these large erratic boulders. Below the water Sea Stars cling to the rocks while Red Rock and Dungeness Crabs scurry for cover amongst the boulders and eelgrass.

While still home to miles of sandy white beaches, the north side of the island is more typical of west coast inlets, with cedar trees growing right up to the shoreline, unique rock formations, and an abundance of clam, oyster and mussel beds. To harvest the shellfish, one must obtain a fishing license or face heavy fines.

Savary Island is all about the beach, and since so much time gets spent along the shorelines, many people set up semi-permanent driftwood “cabana’s”. As you stroll along the shores on the south side, you’ll notice these structures in all of their creative forms; some just made with driftwood walls and ceilings, others with white sheets floating in the breeze, these shade enhancing structures lend themselves to the laid-back attitude that is pervasive on the entire island. Visitors are free to build their own or to occupy one that looks like its been left behind for someone else to enjoy.

Boasting some of the warmest waters north of Mexico, it is not unusual for temperatures on the beach to get as high as 35-degrees Celsius during the summer months. Typically in the summer, low tide takes place during the day, allowing the sun to heat up the sand. As the tide rises, the warm sands heat the water, affording some of the best evening swimming excursions. Nighttime phosphorescents are also typical in the summer months.

Swimming, water Frisbee, badminton, soccer, walking, cycling, kayaking, clam digging, reading, napping in the hammock, eating. Then get up and do it all over again the next day!

Savary Island has its own Facebook page, Click here to read all about it.

Click here for information of the island, showing all the beautiful beaches that Savary has to offer, along with some useful information regarding your stay, and ‘Island Life’!



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savary island rental
savary island rental

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